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Bahamas Marine Construction

With a 40-year history, Bahamas Marine Construction has been at the fore in the design and construction of The Bahamas’ and Turks & Caicos’ most complex public and private marine facilities including world-renown mega-resorts, billion-dollar real estate development projects and private islands.

Bahamas Marine Construction services run the full gamut from dredging and salvage operations, piling, bulkhead, dock, bridge, beach renovations and mass excavations solidifying them as the premier construction company. Additionally, the company boasts the largest fleet of dump trucks and earth moving equipment in The Bahamas.

Notable projects include the marina at Albany complete with installation of sheet pile bulkhead with encapsulation, shoreline protections, dredging and hardscape and Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club’s construction of 70,000 sq. ft. of docks, shoreline stabilization and beach refurbishment.

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